Hadjidraganov's Cellars Restaurant complex offering Bulgarian national cuisine and live folklore music in the center of Sofia. Unique atmosphere of an old cellar - all hand-made. For reservation:+359 898 775 936

Corporate ordering

Delivery of food for corporate clients with custom made service

Corporate ORDERING of food

no matter if your company is small, middle or big we can offer you delivery of food

Reduce the cost of food for your company or your employees with a corporate discount and the opportunity for free shipping! Flexible payment schemes.

In connection with the Covid19 Pandemic, we offer an easy-to-use office ordering service using a corporate discount for the company and for every employee of your company. We follow strict safety measures when preparing and transporting food.
We offer a rich menu of lunch offers, fresh salads, different types of Bulgarian meat dishes and delicacies, appetizers, desserts, as well as tailored menus according to your needs.

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To request a corporate access code, please CLICK HERE or call us at 0898 775 936

For ordering clients with code provided - ORDER ONLINE HERE