Hadjidraganov's Cellars Restaurant complex offering Bulgarian national cuisine and live folklore music in the center of Sofia. Unique atmosphere of an old cellar - all hand-made. For reservation:+359 2 981 81 48


Menu of restaurant Hadjidraganovite izbi


Every day we roast whole lamb in classic wood-burning brick oven.

you can taste it in the menu as a lamb in saint george's way

Lamb in oven on Saint George’s way  450 gr  33.70 lv
With pluck and rice or with rice with vegetables by your choice, served with green salad and milk sauce.


Porcini soup in a bowl of bread  420 gr    7.40 lv


Lamb soup served in a bowl of bread  420 gr   8.50 lv

Plenty of meats on skewers, different sausages, knuckle of beef with baked vegetables, beans in a pot, pork and chicken steaks, pork knuckle, appetizers, spicy  sauces,  potatoes on fire, aubergine puree, cheese and yogurt paste, chutney with chopped cheese tomatoes, home made bread. 
Waiting time 90 min.
for 10 - 12 people  7000 gr   260.00 lv
for 6 - 8 people  5000 gr   190.00 lv

PILE V YAITZE (Chicken in clay egg)  2000 гр  69.00 lv
Stuffed chicken with sausages and mushrooms – stewed in clay egg. We serve it fired and with our help you break it!
Waiting time 180 minutes!


Lamb in oven – stuffed with stewed rice and lamb pluck    490.00 lv

Small pig in oven – stuffed with sausage and beans   490.00 lv

Turkey in oven – stuffed with bacon and sausages     190.00 lv

"KAPAMA" by recipe of Bansko 
Pork, chicken and rabbit meat, sausages, cabbage rolls with pork meat, pickle cabbage cooked in oven 
for 8 people - 150 lv;  for 15 people - 270.00 lv


Tipchenik 120 gr    4.90 lv
Mixed cheese and boiled eggs – served with onion and toast.

Aivar 120 gr    4.80 lv
Chutney with chopped fresh cheese.

Chillis 80 gr    3.90 lv With garlic, dill, parsley, honey and vinegar.
Katak 150 gr 5.80 lv(Paste of cheese, drained yogurt, walnuts and roasted pepper)

Kiopoulu 150 gr 5.50 lv(An eggplant puree with tomatoes and garlic)

Pecheni chushki 200 gr 6.90 lv
(Roasted red peppers with garlic and dill)

Sharena raziadka 120 gr   5.90 lv
(Assorted appetizers - aivar, tipchenik, graovska, katak)


Unashka salata (Heroe's salad) 1600 gr 28.00 lv
(Shopska salad, roasted peppers, onion, aubergine puree, cheesepaste, fresh cheese, olives, ham and mixed gherkins, beans and ketchup)

Meshano plato salati (assorted) 1700 gr 27.00 lv
(Katak - paste of cheese, drained yogurt, walnuts and roasted pepper, Kiopoolu - an egplant puree with garlic and peppers, cucumbers in yogurt sauce, potatoes and green salads, cabbage with carrots, cheese, boiled egg and roasted peppers)

Rich salad for four served on wooden plate 1500 gr 34.00 lv
(four cheeses - sheep, white, goat and fresh, dried pork fillet, an egplant with pepper, garlic and tomatoe, snezanka , katak - paste of sheep cheese, yogurt, garlic, walnut, kalugerska - haricot beans, gherkin, onion, roasted peppers, chutney, olives and four salads - Exotic salad, Starosofiska salad, Nevrokopska salad, Salad with goat cheese, spinach and quinoa)


Shopska 350 gr 5.90 lv
(mixed fresh salad covered with grated cheese)

Salata "Bulgare" 400 gr 7.90 lv
(shop salad, hot pepper, zucchini, roast capsicum, aubergines pure, and buffalo cheese)

Selska salata 400 gr 6.70 lv
(chopped in large pieces tomatoes, cucumbers, rousted peppers, onion and grated cheese)

Kalugerska salata 300 gr 5.60 lv
(haricot beans, gherkin, onion, roasted peppers, chutney, olives)

Sborianska salata
300 gr 5.90 lv
(lettuce, radishes, boiled egg, onion, olive oil)

Starosofiiska salad
380 gr 8.40 lv
(roasted marinated red pepper, cheese, walnuts, olive oil, garlic and dill)

Ovcharska salata
450 gr 6.80 lv
(peeled tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, ham, boiled egg and cheese)

Kukerska salata
350 gr 7.80 lv
(buffalo-cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, spices)

Trakiiska salata
300 gr 5.30 lv
(cucumbers in yogurt sauce, garlic and cracked walnuts, olive oil)

Belomorska salata
400 gr 11.90 lv
(Tuna fish fillet, green salad, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, mayonese)

Nevrokopska salad
400 gr 7.80 lv
(fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, red onion, marinated white cheese, olives, oregano, olive oil)


Salad with goat cheese, spinach and quinoa
350 gr 10.50 lv
(goat cheese mixed with leafs of spinach, shredded boiled egg, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, sprinkled with quinoa and sprouts of onion, poured with dressing of soya sauce, mustard, balsamico, olive oil and spices)

Koshnitza 500 gr   14.90  lv
(Baked parmesan in a form of basket with iceberg. rucola, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, croutons with guacamole, with citruss dressing, arranged on enormous wooden leaf)


Lukanka, sudjuk, banski staretz - flat sausage
50 gr 4.50 lv

Pastarma jerky, fillet Elena
50 gr 4.90 lv

Haidushko meshano Plate with assorted delicacies 200 gr 17.80 lv

Plate with assorted delicacies and cheeses 350 gr 23.50 lv


Cow’s cheese 100gr    3.70 lv

Sheep’s, buffalo cheese
 100 gr    4.30 lv

Yellow cheese
 100 gr  4.30 lv

Cheeses board
 300 gr    14.50 lv
Buffalo, sheep, goat, cows, yellow and blue cheeses.

Blue cheese 50 gr    4.20 lv

Fresh cheese 50 gr   4.20 lv


Bachkovski sabi
for two 800 gr 32.00 lv
(Two “Skewers” of chicken and pork with seasonal garnish)

Ussukan Shish-Pork, chicken and beef on spit
500 gr 24.50 lv
(served with beans and fried potatoes)

Kavarma na plocha
300 gr 14.80 lv
(pieces of pork and chicken with vegetables on a hot clay plate)

Taviche po Gabroski
700 gr 38.00 lv
(chops of chicken, pork and veal on a copper pan with baked potatoes and sauces)

Tzarski “King’s” shashlik
800 gr 34.00 lv
(different meats, flat sausage and vegetables, with fried potatoes)
Test menu with selected dishes and drinks for one    45.90 lv
(Salad - consist from small shopska salad, roasted red pepper, katak, kiopoulu, fresh cheese, chilies (250 gr). Appetizer - three kinds of homemade delicacies and appetizers (80 gr). Main course - roasted and smocked on grill lamb cutlet, chicken steak, pork kebapche and veal sausage, garnish and sauces (250 gr). Bufallo yoghurt with nome made jam, baklava and sweet pastry (100 gr.). Bionade. Five kinds of rakia (50 ml). White and red wormwood wine,white and red wine, medovina or mulled wine - 150 ml)


Balkanska skara (for four)  2000 gr    72.00 lv
Swords with grilled pork , pork chops, four “kebapche”, four meat balls all this with garnish of  stewed mushrooms and saute potatoes, served on a wooden plate.

Valche meze na koleloto (for four)  2200 gr    80.00 lv
Veal carets, pork carets and chicken fillets served with grilled potatoes and onion with season garnish, served on a wooden plate with three sauces.

Simmering pot 900 gr    39.00 lv
Veal, chicken and pork meats, mushrooms with sauce from målted cheeses and cream– served in a clay pot with herbal bread.


Spicy pepper tepsia 350 gr 17.80 lv
(spicy shish kebap from pork meat and spicy pork sausage, served with garnish of grilled onion, potatoes with spices, boiled beans and seasonal salad). By choice pepper tepsia without hot spices.

Gaitandjiisko bludo for two 700 gr 32.00 lv
(shashlik from pork meat and vegetables, shish kebap, bulo kebap from pork minced meat, smoked cheese and pepper and sausage, all grilled on a hot plate with garnish of grilled onion, potatoes with spices, boiled beans and seasonal salad)

Djolan meze - Knukle of pork on a hot clay plate 250 gr 14.80 lv
(boneed knuckle of pork, stewed with mushrooms and yellow cheese)

Djolan po mehandjiski 450 gr 15.70 lv
(whole stewed knuckle of pork with cabernet sauce on top and baked potatoes)

Svinski kebap po silistrenski 450 gr 14.80 lv
(stewed pieces of pork with sauce and potatoes)

Klopanitza – Pork fillet on hot plate 300 gr 21.00 lv
(pork fillet with red pepper spice, garlic and lemon-pepper juice served on a copper pan)

Mitrinkovska gozba - pork fillet, grilled on plate 350 gr 29.30 lv
(with porcini, humus and pepper sauce)

Kralimarkovski shashlik - Pork shahslik for two 800 gr 24.90 lv
(marinated pieces of pork on spit - garnished with potatoes)

Kavarma po radomirski 350 gr 14.50 lv
(bratsed in clay pot, pork with vegetables and egg on top)


Koprivstenska sabia 550 gr  21.60 lv
Chopped chicken fillet, soft cheese and pepper with garnish of potatoes saute, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage salad, boiled beans and chutney served on wooden plate.

Petlova sabia (Chicken shahslik)  550 gr  21.80 lv
Chicken shashlik-  garnish with fried potatoes, chutney, onion and beans.

Unashki sach 400 gr  18.20 lv
Chicken, flat dried salami, homemade ham, yellow cheese, mushrooms.

Chicken fillet 350 gr   14.50 lv
Chicken fillet served with tomatoes, basil, served with fried potatoes and salad from cabbage and carrots.

“Pile Lutika - Chicken with chily” 300 gr 13.30 lv 
(Chicken with tomato sauce, mushrooms and chilly)


Rozhenska gizda 400 gr 32.00 lv
(shashlik with lamb meat and home made lamb sausage, served with garnish of grilled onion, potatoes with spices, boiled beans and seasonal salad)

Unboned gratin head of lamb in oven with fresh onion 12.80 lv

Lamb delicacy 200 gr 15.40 lv
(roasted lamb brains and tongue- served with fried onion in a copper pan)

Lamb lever with onion and yogurt 250 gr 9.20 lv

Lamb in oven in Saint George's way
450 gr 33.70 lv
(with pluck and rice or with rice with vegetables by your choice, served with green salad and milk sauce)

Lamb cutlets
450 gr 37.60 lv
(grilled on a hot plate with garnish of rice with vegetables, green salad and tomatoes with basil

Karakachanska sofra for two
700 gr 56.00 lv
(shashlik with lamb meat, home made sausage from lamb meat and lamb cuttlets, with garnish of grilled onion, potatoes with spices, boiled beans and seasonal salad)


Tarnovska goshtavka 390 gr 26.60 lv
(shaslik with veal meat and vegetables and home made veal sausage, grilled on a hot plate with garnish of grilled onion, potatoes with spices, boiled beans and seasonal salad)

Katino meze - Baked beef cuts 300 gr 14.90 lv
(with mushrooms, hot pepper and spices served on a copper pan)

Tatarski shashlik - Beef shashlik 480 gr 34.50 lv

Beef steak with baked potatoe and sauce of edible boletus 300 gr 39.00 lv

Chorbadgiiska goshtavka
- 450 gr 33.60 lv
(marinatd beef steaks with saute potatoes and seasonal garnish in carved wooden plate)

Veal meat with porcini 330 gr   29.30 lv
(marinated veal fillet, slightlyt cotaed with flour fried for a while with porcini and wine sauce)


Riba po gurbetchijski  300 gr  29.00 lv
Salmon cutlet, green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil.

Trout on fire
 (per 100 gr)   3.70 lv


Risotto with porcini
  300 gr  14.80 lv

Zelenchutzi po selski (Grilled vegetabiles)  300gr  7.30 lv

Kachamak v gyuveche (Hominy with cheeses)  450 gr   7.90 lv

Bob v kotle (Boiled bean served in a copper pot)  7.00 lv

Stuffed potatoes with stewed spinash, fresh tomatoe sauce and black beans - 300 gr    16.80 lv

Stuffed red peppers - 300 gr    16.40 lv
(filled with quinoa, red beans, onion, sweet corn, spices, with covers  from red tomatoes, served with guacamole)


Home made bread with 100% einkorn wheat with butter 85 gr 1.80 lv

Piece of home made bread 150 gr 1.40 lv


Sladkish Sofra different pastry and cake 600 gr 18.90 lv

Bufalo yoghurt in terrine with jam 4.90 lv

Deli cake with mascarpone 140 gr 6.40 lv

Melba 170 gr 4.20 lv

Baklava 150 gr 4.60 lv

Cream Brule with blueberry jam 170 gr 5.20 lv