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Feast of the Ascension (Spasovden)

On this day the Orthodox Church celebrates Ascension (Spasovden). The holiday is celebrated always on Thursday, forty days after Easter.

09/06/2016 | Published in Traditions and celebrations

On this day the Orthodox Church celebrates Ascension (Spasovden). The holiday is celebrated always on Thursday, forty days after Easter. Name day spas, spas, Spasimir, Spasimir, Spasiyana, Spaska, Sotir. Day is a celebration of bakers and confectioners.

According to Christian belief, after his Resurrection, Jesus Christ left the earth to preach their doctrine and converse with his disciples, moving between them as God-man. Just 40 days at the foot of the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem ascended to heaven.

The day is called Ascension Day (the day of the Savior) because of Christ's Ascension completes the act of human salvation.

If Ascension rain - the year will be rich and harvest - rich, so read beliefs. People cry out the rain while circling the fields and meadows and singing ritual songs.

"Spasovski" rain is expensive - worth a gold coin drop. On this day he believes that mermaids who will "sow" its dew over fields already come.

Another popular belief is that only the night of Ascension can cure infertility. Barren woman must then drifts into the plant dewy but not alone, with a companion, with whom there is no blood relationship. Before that, they put on red meat Spassova bread, boiled chicken and wine wooden vessel. Around midnight, they must lie below Rosen and silent. Shortly before the first cocks around 2am must leave food there and ran to the village without looking back. It is believed that infertility remains under Rosen.

Afternoon on the square and collect all play "Spasovski" dance (hora) - only songs without musical instruments. Celebrate all Incoming.

People and laughter, which ends the festival remains the saying: "They you bride Ascension", which highlights the unexpectedness of an event.