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Bulgarians call this holiday "Lazarus", "Lazaritsa" or "Lazar's Saturday." This is a celebration of fields, pastures, forests and girls after lazaruvane public could lass.

23/04/2016 | Published in Traditions and celebrations

Today the Orthodox Christian Church dedicates Lazarus, whom Jesus raised on the fourth day after his funeral as a sign of gratitude for his hospitality. According to medieval writings Lazarus lived another 30 years in strict fasting and abstinence, and was named first bishop of Kition city on the island of Cyprus.

Resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarov resurrection happened immediate cause of death sentence Savior. That is why since ancient times been established what happened to remember before the start of Holy Week (the week of Christ's suffering).

Bulgarian folk tradition

We call this holiday "Lazarus", "Lazaritsa" or "Lazar's Saturday." In the calendar it has always moving date is Saturday, a week before Easter. This is a celebration of fields, pastures and forests, but also a celebration of girls after lazaruvane public could lass to dress and behave so that lads like them to have love, to marry. Three rituals associated with it - lazarouvane, selecting kumitsa and boenek. All three are associated with the transition to girlhood in love and getting married.

Lazarus himself early in the morning, groups of six or seven girls aged 10 to 16 years it (lazarki), dressed in new and clean girlish costumes, decorating with wreaths and fresh bunches on chapters start to go around rural homes. The whole time they sing festive ritual songs, and perform their ritual dance, most often called "boenek." Hostess makes the girls jumping high and tapping his feet to grow high crop and livestock fruitful. Then she gives girls with eggs they collected in baskets.

It is believed that the house in which they entered and sung lazarki will be happy throughout the year. Rounds in forests, rivers and meadows. With the song entered the fields and wish a rich harvest of wheat is razzeleniloto.

The dishes on the holiday

Lazarus is a table laden with a variety of meatless holiday dishes: pie with rhubarb cream soup nettles, green salads, lazarski "shallow" sweet dates and boiled wheat, which is distributed in memory of the deceased.