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St. Dimitar's day (Dimitrovden)

On October 26 Bulgarians celebrate St. Demetrius. This honors St. Martyr Demetrios Mirotochets - one of the most revered saints of the Bulgarian people.

26/10/2016 | Published in Traditions and celebrations

On October 26 Bulgarians celebrate St. Demetrius. This honors St. Martyr Demetrios Mirotochets - one of the most revered saints of the Bulgarian people. The holiday name day have all bearing his name Dimitar, Dimitrina, Dragan, Dimo, Dimka, Mitko, Mitre and related. Most commonly St. Demetrius is depicted on horseback, killing Lee - a symbol of the infidel-antichrist.

In Christian history is thought St. Demetrius was born in the third century in Thessaloniki, where his father was mayor. St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki many times saved from enemy attacks. He was revered even by those times in Thrace and Macedonia. Later, Bulgarians and Greeks began passionately to challenge the "patronage of the heavenly strategist St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki". Because of Slavic origin from ancient times all Slavic nations celebrate the saint. Bulgarians and Serbs revere him as a patron of the Slavs. It is assumed that the saint was consul of Thessaloniki and died a martyr for the faith of Christ on October 26, 306 AD.

In the Bulgarian folk beliefs Sv. Dimitar is presented as larger twin brother of St. George. Lifetime brothers parted, starting in the world in different directions. George he vowed that if seen from the eaves dripping blood, it means dead. After a while Dimitar saw a eaves dripping and went to Georgiev side of the world. There he found the dragon, which was eaten George. Dimitar clutching dragon and she gave him the soul of George. Then the two riding horses and flew to heaven. There he split the year in fraternal - for St. George summer and for winter St. Demetrius. Widespread is saying "St. George brings summer and Sv. Dimitar - winter". As a harbinger of winter and cold saint associated with the world of the dead. So about the festival is one of the largest Souls.

In the folk calendar Demetrius marks a turning point in the season and early winter. According to beliefs at midnight on the feast of St. Demetrius sky opens, then expect the first snow. The saint is considered patron of the winter cold and snow. On October 26 finishes traditional period - from St. George's to Demetrius, for employed seasonal workers - laborers and shepherds. Therefore, the feast of St. Demetrius is also called "disband". Most caring laborers cat owners donated new clothes, ram or lamb.

Dimitri is filled with predictions for the upcoming winter and year: If the moon is full - full will be the hive with honey and bees flock. The evening before the holiday, the shepherds threw in the pen a stick. If the morning the sheep were lying on it, it was believed that the winter will be long, hard and cold.

Characteristically and ritual divination on the first guest to walk home (polozajnik) good and wealthy Is the guest this will be the year.

An old custom of the name day walk uninvited and wear white flowers for the List to be good winter. The flowers are wrapped with scarlet thread to healthy nameday a year.

On Dimitri table is prepared sacrifice or stew of mutton stew with chicken - cock Name list if a man and a hen - if a woman. Serve and vegetables. Also on the table is put boiled corn, saving asks with apples or baked apples, treacle, pumpkin.